NV GEBE Extends Community Apology for Recent Load Shedding Incidents | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - NV GEBE sincerely regrets the recent load shedding events experienced by customers and would like to, hereby, issue a formal apology to the community of St. Maarten. NV GEBE's load shedding is a critical strategy employed to help balance the electrical demand with available resources. 

These series of load shedding incidents were due to unforeseen technical issues at the Power Plant last week. This unfortunate situation included unexpected technical issues with Engine 19's turbocharger and Engine 15 undergoing a planned overhaul, which led to the need for load shedding. 

Though NV GEBE's load shedding persisted through April 5th and into the evening on Saturday, April 6th, fortunately, the turbocharger on Engine 19 was restored and operational on Saturday, providing some relief to the situation, with completion of the load shedding at 10:55 PM. 

NV GEBE recognizes the importance of maintaining a robust infrastructure and adhering to best practices to resolve these issues while also, making the necessary investments in the company's operational and technical infrastructures to prevent future incidents. It is imperative to note that NV GEBE's employees have been working diligently around-the-clock with the utmost dedication to maintaining a high level of reliability and stability in the company's power supply. 

NV GEBE acknowledges the importance of sustaining a robust infrastructure and ensuring uninterrupted sustainable power supply to the community. 

NV GEBE is committed to rectifying redundancy issues to ensure uninterrupted power supply and remains committed to exploring the most efficient systems for delivering high-quality, dependable, and sustainable electricity services. This remains a top priority among the company's Board, Management and Staff, who are also adversely impacted by these undesirable incidents. 

NV GEBE sincerely appreciates the patience and understanding of our customers during these challenging periods. 

For further information, please contact the N.V. GEBE Customer Care Department via our help desk at: (721) 546-1100/ 546-1160, e-mail: gebesxm@nvgebe.com, WhatsApp: +1721-588-3117 or, at the Philipsburg/Simpson Bay branch offices. N.V. GEBE will continue to provide customers and the community with updates, as well as, additional details on relevant matters. Please stay informed via the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/nvgebe

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