Official Opening and New Logo Unveiling of Victim Support Services in Sint Maarten | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - Victim Support Services (VSS) in Sint Maarten is eager to announce its official opening and new logo unveiling on April 2, 2024. The VSS is on its journey to support victims of crime and trauma in the community of St. Maarten. Led by Director Cassandra Richardson and Board President Edna Evans, the VSS has secured its first official office located on A TH. Illidge Road. 

The opening event, which strategically coincided with the global recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Day, symbolizes the commitment of VSS to provide support to victims experiencing trauma due to crimes or serious traffic accidents. VSS extends its services not only to victims but also to indirect victims, including family members and those affected by abuse, altercations, or robbery.

The Board of VSS, consisting of three (3) appointed members, is supported by various judicial institutions including The Police Force of Sint Maarten, The Public Prosecutor's office, SJIB, and the Ministry of Justice. 

Victim’s Support Services featured a lineup of speakers during the opening program, including the President of the Victim’s Support Services board, Edna Evans, and the Director of the Victim's Support Services, Cassandra Richardson. The event began with an introduction by the Head of Women’s Desk, Chantale George-Groeneveldt whose commitment to empowering survivors has also been instrumental and aligns with the VSS mission.

During her heartwarming speech the Honorable Minister of Justice, Anna E. Richardson reaffirmed her commitment to the success of VSS, acknowledging the dedication and perseverance of her team in realizing this goal. “When I came into office in 2020, the Prosecution Services took the time to explain the void of not having VSS in place. They shared how strenuous it was having to focus on prosecuting on one end, while also providing support and guidance to victims and their families on the other end. It was on that day that I made a commitment to have VSS established and in service further strengthening the Justice chain and supporting the community of St. Maarten, and that’s where our mission began,” concluded Minister Anna E. Richardson.

Victim Support Services is already actively working with clients and engaging with the community to provide much-needed assistance and support.