SINT MAARTEN (SIMPSON BAY-AIRPORT) - Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE) recently concluded its highly anticipated Employee Engagement Month, a dedicated time to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of its employees. Throughout June, PJIAE organized a series of exciting events designed to foster team spirit, reward dedication, and highlight individual achievements within the company.

A Month of Celebration and Appreciation

The month-long celebration kicked off on June 7, with "Food Truck Friday." Employees were treated to a variety of mouth-watering dishes from The Captain’s Rib Shack, which set up shop at the company premises. This event provided a perfect opportunity for employees to mingle, enjoy great food, and unwind.

On June 14, PJIAE held its much-anticipated Employee Pinning and Award Ceremony. This event honored employees celebrating significant work anniversaries and recognized the outstanding performances of the Employees of the Month from January to March 2024. The Managing Board was on hand to personally pin the honorees and celebrate their achievements.

- January: Mr. Hosea Hicks from Security Department

- February: Mrs. Lourine Whit-Hutchinson from Security Department

- March: Ms. Aurline Peterson from Statistics Department

The celebrations continued on June 21, 2024, with a Pizza Day, where employees had the choice of a delicious variety of pizzas. This event was another hit, promoting a relaxed atmosphere and strengthening the bonds among colleagues.

The grand finale of Employee Engagement Month was marked by a lively Happy Hour on June 28, 2024. The event featured a DJ, drinks, and snacks, offering employees a chance to let loose and celebrate their hard work and achievements. The evening was filled with music, dancing, and shared memories, encapsulating the spirit of camaraderie and appreciation.

Building a Stronger Community

PJIAE’s Employee Engagement Month was more than just a series of events; it was a testament to the company’s commitment to valuing and appreciating its employees. The initiative aimed to enhance job satisfaction, build stronger team relationships, and create a positive work environment.

“We believe that our employees are the heart of PJIAE’s success,” said Brian Mingo, Chief Executive Officer at PJIAE. “Employee Engagement Month is our way of showing gratitude for their hard work, dedication, and the significant contributions they make every day. The events we organized were not just about having fun but also about recognizing and celebrating our team’s achievements and fostering a sense of community.”

Looking Forward

As PJIAE looks to the future, the company plans to continue its focus on employee engagement and appreciation. The success of this year’s Employee Engagement Month has set a precedent for future initiatives aimed at promoting a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

“We are committed to making PJIAE an even better place to work,” added HR Advisor, Mrs. Bermyle Davis “We will keep listening to our employees, valuing their feedback, and creating more opportunities for them to feel appreciated and connected.”

PJIAE extends its heartfelt thanks to all employees for their enthusiastic participation and to the HR Department and Communications Team for their efforts in organizing these memorable events. 

PJIAE Pizza Day

Pizza Day at PJIAE



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