Port St. Maarten Crane Operators continues to boost their Skillsets | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

PORT ST. MAARTEN – Two members of the St. Maarten Harbour Crane Company have already passed the first phase of ships gear vessel operations training. They will continue to work on building more hours together with all other members of the team and also participate in a simulator training prior to full completion of the course which is expected to be completed within the next coming months.

In Port St. Maarten’s ongoing mission to improve the port’s operations excellence platform, management decided to also certify all crane operators to work the ships gear in case of auxiliary or activation of emergency measure protocols.

The aforementioned is key especially after a major hurricane as what was experienced after the passing of Hurricane Irma back in September 2017. For example, both mobile Gottwald Cargo Cranes had to go through major and rigorous compliance checks prior to being placed back into operational rotation post-Irma. A port has to have a human resource inventory of certified ships gear operators that can during such an emergency operate cargo vessels without any unnecessary delays.

“The key is to always anticipate and be proactive in ensuring we maintain a high level of operational excellence. This has always been the mantra of Port St. Maarten.

“By having our crane operators fully versed and certified in all aspects of vessel operations may it be mobile crane or vessel ships gear, this can only continue to validate our key role as one of the major hubs within the northeastern Caribbean.

“Global Port Training (GPT), a reputable company out of Belgium, will train and certify our operator’s in ship’s gear equipment. This is one of the key elements of Port St. Maarten Training Outpost activities.

“We continue to see the added value of this company, and we are on the verge of finalizing a full fledge local training outpost center here at Port St. Maarten as a joint venture with GPT. We continue to see the benefit of ensuring our local work pool receive the best that can be offered and ensuring that every member of the Port operations team is fully trained as per international standards,” Port St. Maarten Management said on Tuesday.

Besides investments in infrastructure and equipment and information technology, training of human resources at Port St. Maarten is at the top of the agenda for pilot boat operations and crane operators. The Port continues to invest in young local talent by inviting them to join the Port family, and continuous investment in existing personnel to optimize efficiency within the organization.

Port St. Maarten will be establishing a human resources training outpost. The training outpost will lead to the certification of persons working in the logistics field such as heavy equipment operators, stevedoring activities, and other port-container related operations.

The training Outpost Facility will be a key component to Port St. Maarten’s operational excellence platform ensuring quality and certified port operations across the board via establishing various audit models for continued improvement and success of Port St. Maarten cargo division and will also be used as a catalyst to use St. Maarten as a centralized training hub on a regional and international level.

Source: Souliga Newsday https://www.soualiganewsday.com/index.php?option=com-k2&view=item&id=27394:port-st-maarten-crane-operators-continues-to-boost-their-skillsets&Itemid=450