Prime Minister Mercelina Commences Formalization of Sint Maarten’s Formation Process | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina has embarked on a pioneering initiative to formalize Sint Maarten's formation process, marking a significant step towards enhancing transparency and accountability in governance.

In his inaugural address as Prime Minister of Sint Maarten, Dr. Mercelina underscored the need to address longstanding concerns surrounding the legality and transparency of the formation process. With a steadfast commitment to reform, Dr. Mercelina pledged to regulate the formation process through a national ordinance within his term.

To kickstart this transformative journey, Dr. Mercelina has submitted a comprehensive request to the Department of Legal Affairs. This pivotal step signals the beginning of a rigorous process aimed at formalizing the entire formation process, encompassing not only the screening process but the formation process in its entirety.

Acknowledging the importance of transparency, Dr. Mercelina expressed his willingness to share key concerns with the public. One such concern is the appointment and role of an informateur, which lacks clear regulation. Dr. Mercelina has tasked the Department of Legal Affairs with providing guidance on how to regulate the tasks and responsibilities of the informateur, ensuring transparency in the process.

Addressing another critical issue, Dr. Mercelina highlighted the prolonged duration of the screening process, which often results in a governance gap. He emphasized the need to mitigate this gap and streamline the formation process to minimize disruptions to governance.

Furthermore, Dr. Mercelina stressed the imperative of formalizing the screening process, which currently relies on unwritten constitutional norms. He has called upon the Department of Legal Affairs to advise on the best approach to regulate the screening process, whether through a separate national ordinance or incorporation into existing legislation.

Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina reiterated his commitment to keeping the public informed throughout this transformative process. As Sint Maarten embarks on this journey towards reform, Dr. Mercelina pledged to provide regular updates on the progress of formalizing the formation process.