Rotary Club St. Martin Sunrise installs new 2021-2022 Board | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Rotary Club St. Martin Sunrise change of board ceremony took place on Sunday, June 27, 2021, at the Infinity Restaurant in Oyster Bay Beach Resort. The change of board ceremony was to install the new incoming board for the new Rotary year which began on July 1st. This year’s Change of Board brunch was a colorful and festive Indian theme.

The members wore Indian dress wear to go with this year’s theme. The mistress of ceremonies, Ms. Glenda Shillingford described the outfits and gave a brief history of the outfits that were worn by Rotary members. The Indian theme was inspired by the incoming international Rotary President elect Shekhar Mehta. The Rotary theme for this year is “Serve to Change Lives”.

Present at the ceremony were special invited guests such as the new DG (District governor) Mr. Louis Wever and his wife, first lady Mrs. Amanda Wever. Also, the incoming president of Rotary Club of St. Maarten, Mr. Jim Ferris was present as well as fellow Rotarians of Club St. Martin Sunrise and other invited guests.

The ceremony began with a warm welcome, followed by the St. Martin song, the invocation and the 4-way test. Mr. Louis Wever, the incoming District Governor of 7020 gave a short speech, which was followed by the speech from outgoing president, Mrs. Dolly Sadarangani-Ahuja.

The outgoing president thanked the members for supporting her during this digital year. During her speech, she showed a power point presentation, outlining the signature projects that the club did during her Rotary year as President such as:

  • the Breakfast program,
  • the annual Christmas party,
  • The Butterfly Storybook Project,
  • the HANWASH project,
  • the Peace Day drawing contest
  • The virtual fundraiser
  • Eyeglasses donation (to students who cannot afford glasses)

The past president also indicated the donations that were given towards different community projects such as:

  • donation of face masks to all the public schools and St. Joseph School
  • donation of 36 tablets, 14 laptops and 10 TELEM internet-vouchers to ensure that student could continue to follow classes online.
  • donation of Food boxes to 100 families
  • donation of $1000 towards disaster relief efforts in St. Vincent

The club collaborated with other Rotary clubs on community projects:

  • Walk-a-thon fundraising event for the Diabetes Foundation (RC St. Maarten Sunset & RC St. Maarten Midisle)
  • Monetary contribution to the purchase of a new fetal monitor for the SMMC (RC St. Maarten Sunset)

Mrs. Dolly Sadarangani-Ahuja also listed the awards that Rotary Club St. Martin Sunrise was able to obtain such during her year:

  • 2021 Zone 34 Public Image Citation
  • Certificate of Distinction
  • Club of the Month Silver Award.

She thanked her board and presented a gift to each member of the board. She then handed over the ceremonial presidential chain/collar to Ms. Damali Bryson, the incoming president.

Ms. Bryson indicated that she would like to see an increase in membership, develop a new orientation process for new members, and regularly check-in with existing members to gauge their engagement with the club.

She would like to undertake projects that benefit girls especially their reproductive and sexual health. Additionally, she intends to continue the club’s signature projects, e.g., the back-to-school project, school breakfast programs, the eyeglasses project and revive the Readers Are Leaders program.

The event concluded with an auction led by Rtn. Cookie Bijlani to raise funds for the club’s community service efforts.

The new board members are: Rtn. Dolly Sadarangani- Ahuja-immediate past president, Rtn. Bernadette Davis- Secretary/PE, Rtn. Katy Bell- Roper- Treasurer, Rtn. Claudia Connor- Public Image Director, Rtn. Glenda Shillingford- Youth Service Director, Rtn. Cookie Bijlani- Fundraising Director and Leadership Director, Rtn. Sophie Ledee- International Service Director and Environment Director, Rtn. Malaine Dublin- Vocational Service Director, Rtn. Marcellia Henry- Vice President and Disaster Management Chair and Rtn. Angela Gordon- Rotary Foundation Chair and Irma Gumbs- Membership Director.