“Self Care Is the New Sexy the Retreat Happening July 27th – 31st” | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - "Self Care is the New Sexy The Retreat" is on track to become this summer's biggest women's event, promising an extraordinary experience that ladies won't want to miss! In just a week's time, over 50 professional women from the United States will gather in St. Maarten for this transformative retreat. They will immerse themselves in five days of unapologetic self-love, as they embrace living what the event’s host, Dr. Shana Lewis has coined, “The Saucer Life.”

Among the delegation, are renowned female speakers, Dr. Felicia Phillips, Khalilah Guillory, Daphene Booker-Harris, Dr. Marcea Whittaker, and esteemed host, Dr. Shana Lewis. These sought-after experts will deliver inspiring keynotes on a range of empowering topics: from embracing Radical Self-love and embarking on Your Self-care Journey to mastering the art of Stressing Less to Succeed More, becoming A Vessel for Yourself, and learning to Pour From Full Not Empty.

In addition, the lineup includes a thought-provoking panel discussion on Wellness and Self-care, with a specific focus on “Taking Your Business to the Next Level While Not Burning Yourself Out.” Joining the panel are Jenequa Eldridge, Crystal Cunningham, Patricia Berry-Jones, Dr. Toscha Dickerson, and Anya Hildreth. Together, these experts will share valuable insights and strategies to help attendees achieve business growth while nurturing their own well-being.

“Self-care is the New Sexy The Retreat is an opportunity for every woman to get what she needs to fill her cup. We work so hard to make sure everyone else is well taken care of and too often it's at the price of our wellbeing. Well, not on my watch! It's your time to choose you for once.

“Join us at the retreat conference and/or any of the events we are hosting. This is your time to stop and smell the roses so you too can return to your world ready to serve from your saucer,” shared in a statement from Dr. Shana.

Women on the island are invited to seize this opportunity to pamper themselves, grow, and recharge in the company of like-minded women. There is a diverse array of empowering events being hosted between July 27th to 31st, including the All White Welcome Party, the Save Yourself Magazine International Release Party, the Two-Day Conference, and the Purple Affair Benefit Event. With limited spots available, women are encouraged to get their tickets early, bring along their business besties and embark on this incredible journey together.

For all event tickets, visit www.selfcareisthenewsexysxm.com

Ticket for the Purple Affair Benefit Event in honor of Safe Haven is also available at both Van Drrop locations.

Persons interested in booking a staycation with us to access all the festivities can email team@drshanadlewis.com. General inquiries can also be sent to this email address.

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