St. Dominic High School Class of 2024 IB Pinning Ceremony | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (SOUTH REWARD) - St. Dominic High School hosted the International Baccalaureate (IB) Pinning Ceremony for the Class of 2024, celebrating the culmination of their two-years in the pre-university Diploma Programme.

This event, themed "Unpacking New Horizons: Continuing the Journey," drew inspiration from Maya Angelou's poignant words: "The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change."

The ceremony commemorated the largest cohort since the programme's inception in 2010, with 24 students—22 Diploma candidates and 2 Course —who had recently completed four rigorous weeks of academically challenging examinations.

The evening was filled with emotion, reflection, hope and laughter.

The ceremony commenced with a procession of the IB Class of 2024, each student accompanied by a mentee from the IB Class of 2025, highlighting the spirit of mentorship and service.

Diploma Programme Coordinator Marie T. Richardson opened the ceremony with a profound quote on learning by Daisaku Ikeda, emphasizing the enduring importance of education: "Learning is, alone, the universal truth. Learning is the truth upon which world peace depends. Learning is the reliable guidepost for the youth of the future."

The event featured musical performances by students from the Class of 2024. Ralph Jean Louis captivated the audience with his vocal performance and virtuoso guitar skills, while Dominick Thomas impressed with an original composition inspired by his favorite video game.

Additionally, three students from the DP Class of 2025 performed an acapella rendition of "A Million Dreams," paying tribute the graduating class.

This year marked the inaugural presentation of honor cords in four distinct categories:

  • Yellow: Symbolizing happiness, optimism, positivity, and intellect, awarded to students who achieved 30 points or more in Term 2.
  • Red: Representing action, strength, energy, and passion, awarded for consistently meeting deadlines for the Extended Essay, internal assessments, Theory of Knowledge, and Creativity-Activity-Service.
  • Green: Denoting harmony, safety, growth, and health, awarded for embracing the ten IB learner profile traits.
  • Black: Signifying protection, power, elegance, and sophistication, awarded to those demonstrating leadership, volunteerism, teamwork, and balance between school and home life.

Two exceptional students, Saheli Kirpalani and Qinghao (Ivan) Wu, were honored with all four cords, highlighting their personal development and commitment to their learning.

Each member of the IB Class of 2024 was pinned by a family member and received a symbolic boarding pass for their next journey. They also received letters written by their parents two years ago and personal letters penned to their future selves, adding a personal touch to the ceremony. Ms. Richardson further personalized the event with limericks she composed for each student, eliciting surprises and laughter.

Continuing the tradition, Mrs. Ramchandani gave a heartfelt speech about her two-year journey as the parent of twins Lavina and Chirag. She shared her unique perspective on supporting them through the demanding IB programme, adding warmth and insight to the evening.

The Class of 2024's pinning ceremony was a fitting tribute to their hard work, resilience, and the bright futures that await. As they step forward to unpack their new horizons, they carry with them the lessons, friendships, and memories forged during their IB journey at St. Dominic High School.