St. Maarten Student Cooks Up Culinary Success at Monroe College in New York | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN/NEW YORK – When it comes to culinary education, Monroe College’s Culinary Institute of New York (CINY) is certainly serving up something sweet. 

Based on the College’s campus in New Rochelle, New York, Monroe’s CINY is where many aspiring chefs, banking and pastry artists, and restaurateurs first get their start. Its alumni have gone on to work in some of the top professional kitchens in New York and around the country. 

In addition to the coursework, the most promising students have a chance to participate in the culinary competition team, which consistently ranks among the strongest in the region. 

Since 2009, students and faculty have won nearly 1,000 medals at competitive events hosted and sanctioned by the renowned American Culinary Federation (ACF). The culinary team has won the New York State Championship four times out of the last five years and the regional title three times out of the last four years. They are heading back to the national competition this summer for the championship title. 

Among those on the Team CINY 2020 competition team is a student from St. Maarten — Clarintje Kopra, a local graduate from St. Maarten Academy. She joins four students from the Bahamas on the team this year. Although she just began her studies at Monroe last autumn, she is already making a name for herself on campus with her strong culinary skills. 

Ms. Kopra and her fellow students are facing a big competition on campus next month – the Chris Neary Memorial Culinary Classic. It’s a prestigious event that has top culinary students and teams from the New York area vying for the trophy. Here is a picture of the students practicing with their dean, Frank Costantino, in the kitchens at CINY’s Culinary Arts Center last weekend.

Beyond its culinary programs, Monroe offers a broad number of degree programs in business and accounting, nursing, education, criminal justice, information technology and allied health professions. It has two campuses in New York – one in the Bronx and one in New Rochelle, where the campus housing is based – as well as a campus in St. Lucia. Most programs are also available for online study for those who prefer to earn their degree from home. 

Representatives from Monroe will be holding an INFORMATION SESSION on Wednesday, February 26th at 6:30 pm. All are welcome to attend and learn more about the College’s programs and upcoming start dates. 

For more information, please contact Lorraine Myers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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.  She works every day with students from the Caribbean who would like to come study at Monroe.

Source: Souliga Newsday