The Minster and her Cabinet of VSA and SZV Forge Stronger Partnership for Healthcare | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - On Monday May 13th, 2024, the Cabinet of VSA, represented by Minister Veronica Jansen- Webster, and the Social & Health Insurance SZV, led by Mr. Glen Carty, held a collaborative meeting aimed at enhancing the delivery of healthcare services to the people of our nation.

The meeting, which included cabinet staff and SZV board chairman Mr. Perry Wilson, focused on various key topics, including the day-to-day operations of SZV, the importance of utilizing the SZV portal, and the perceived challenges associated with sending patients abroad for medical treatment.

In a cordial and informative exchange, Minister Jansen- Webster and her team posed pertinent questions regarding SZV's operations, to which Mr. Carty provided insightful explanations and clarifications. The atmosphere was conducive to open dialogue, fostering a deeper understanding of SZV's role in the healthcare system.

Mr. Carty expressed his enthusiasm for fostering a strong working relationship with the Minister of VSA and cabinet staff. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and transparency in addressing the healthcare needs of our community. Additionally, Mr. Carty proposed holding workshops to further enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between the Ministry of VSA and SZV.

Minister Jansen- Webster commended SZV for its commitment to serving the people of our nation and expressed her full support for initiatives aimed at improving healthcare services. She reiterated her dedication to working closely with SZV to address challenges and explore opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Moving forward, the Ministry of VSA and SZV are poised to embark on a journey of collaboration, with the shared goal of ensuring accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare for all residents of our beloved nation.