VMT announces only three weeks left to receive first dose of the Pfizer vaccine | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) – The Vaccination Management Team announced on Monday, May 24th, that the mass vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine will stop after July 31st. As of Friday, July 9th (three weeks from now), will be the last opportunity to come for your first dose followed by your second dose the end of July.

The VMT encourages everyone who hasn’t received their vaccine against the COVID-19 vaccine to use the opportunity while it’s still easily accessible, free, and simple.

The evidence that the Pfizer vaccine is safe and effective is very evident. 20.000 persons on Sint Maarten have already been vaccinated without any unexpected issues or complications. The efficacy is also clear as daylight, as the 70 active cases on Sint Maarten consist for almost a 100% out of unvaccinated persons. In the last months, we recorded four deaths, and 23 hospitalizations, all consisting of persons who were not fully vaccinated. Additionally, it is now also thought that 10-20% of persons recovering from a COVID-19 infection can develop “long-term COVID.” Months after their infection, persons still don’t have taste or smell; they can feel constantly fatigued and develop mental issues.

The Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (Ministry VSA) Collective Prevention Service (CPS) is also noticing more and more work floor clusters of COVID-19 infections, as work is a place where a lot of interaction occurs amongst employees.

The danger, of course, is that an organization can lose half of its workers at once and cannot continue to carry out its operations. As it is not always possible for employees to come for their vaccine during work hours, the VMT encourages managers and business owners to promote vaccination among its employees without intimidation and to allow getting the vaccine during working hours. Having a fully vaccinated staff is in the best interest of the company, the economy and Sint Maarten.

Vaccination will always be a personal choice, but every choice has consequences. The world around us is changing, so, when you choose not to get vaccinated, you endanger the health of others and put the future of our island at risk. However, with your choice to take the vaccine, you reduce the chance of infection and infecting others by 95%.

1.4 billion people worldwide have taken the vaccine, which is scientifically proven to be safe. Your choice is also a social one, as the future of our island depends on it.

The VMT encourages everyone to not only get vaccinated but also encourage others to do so. Ask if persons in your social circle are vaccinated and try to spread correct information instead of fake news. Offer to drive and accompany someone to a vaccination location. We are stronger together, and we can only reach our goal collectively.

Come for your vaccine and encourage others to do so as well.

Only if Sint Maarten works together and uses the tools given to us can we prevent the scenario of Curacao from happening.

Sint Maarten Protected Together.