Management sanitary landfill on bid


LandfillThe sanitary landfill on Pond Island. Photo Today / Hilbert Haar

St. Maarten – The Ministry of Vromi, represented by the Department of Infrastructure is holding a public tender for the management sanitary of the landfill at Pond Island. One of the primarily goals of the public tender is to provide the government with the service to manage the facility for a period of two years, with an option for extension of the contract for an additional year.
The facility needs to remain available on a daily basis to receive the various waste streams that are to be stored in an adequate manner in order to avoid environmental and health related problems. The current landfill on Pond Island was established in the early 1970’s.

Especially within the last two decades the landfill has reached its maximum capacity and is causing severe storage problems. Because the management of the landfill can be difficult, the government is now inviting companies to submit their bid for its management based on a lot of specifications and regulations that will have to insure that a safe and healthy environment can be maintained as much as possible, within the existing limitations.

According to the tender documents referred to by the Ministry of Vromi as the terms of reference, any company that wants to make a bid, has to look closely at the details of the terms of this project.

On Thursday at 9 a.m. an information meeting will be held at the office of the Ministry of Vromi, Department of Infrastructure Management, Tamarinde Steeg #16 Philipsburg.

Source: Today SXM