MP Wescot to Vromi Minister: Act your role and stop bluffing

So began a press release issued by DP Leader MP Sarah Wescot-Williams early this morning.

“However, that does not mean that slander and bluffs should go unchallenged. Our honorable Minister of VROMI allegedly was livid about my questions regarding the salvaging operations in the Simpsonbay Lagoon and on that particular program on 95.9 FM was fencing about a letter he had in his possession regarding the salvaging operations.” write MP Wescot in her press release.

“He alluded to this letter and me, as if there was something sinister about my questioning of the lagoon cleanup in general.” the press release continued to state.


Editor’s note:

The in point 5 referenced letter did not accompanied the press release, however, the following letters were sent by Jeff Boyd of MMC to COM and Parliament:

Source: StMaartenNews