United Democrats (UD) in the driver’s seats

GREAT BAY — Based on the preliminary results as of 12:30am tonight, the United Democrats (UD) party is leading by 7 seats.

The count from 15 polling stations is giving the following results:

UD 4209 votes (good for 7 seats)

SDM 314 votes

NA 2670 votes (good for 5 seats)

PPA 212 votes

USP 1188 votes (good for 2 seats)

SMCP 821 votes (good for 1 seat)

Five (5) more polling stations to go.

Photo caption: This supporter has UD stickers all over this rear window. Photo by Milton Pieters.

Below is the sheet with the results thus far. Click on image to enlarge..

Source: StMaartenNews http://stmaartennews.com/elections/united-democrats-ud-drivers-seats/