13 singers, 2 bands vying for Rumer’s Roadmarch crown.

rummers20012017PHILIPSBURG:—The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) announced on Friday that 13 individual singers and 2 bands are registered to participate in the 2017 Carnival Roadmarch competition. They will all attempt the dethrone the two-time reigning monarch Rumari “Rumer” Rogers.

The SCDF has made a slight change with the scheduling of the Roadmarch competition for Carnival 2017. For the last five years the event was held together with the Senior Calypso Eliminations. For 2017 however, the foundation has decided to combine the event with the Band Clash competition.

“We think these two events go great together. They are on the same energy level and creates the atmosphere we want to see on that night,” SCDF President Alston Lourens said. “The Calypso Eliminations is a different event with a different, much older crowd. With the influx of young singers into the Roadmarch competition, it was clear that the two didn’t work well together. But with Band Clash we have the prefect mix,” Lourens said.

The 15 competing singers include quite a number of new-comers and two bands. Competing on Saturday, April 8 will be: (stage names) Yo Highness Ahmiie, Dee, Dice Maejor, Miss Exqweezeen, Mr Oezy, Lyrics, 4M HD, Uncle Brasi ft Baby Face, Mighty Pepper, Boogie G Suave, Georgie-Boy, Da BiG-BaD XP, Empress Dee, Previn Hodge and King James.

“We hope to start hearing some music from these artists very soon and look forward to great support from the public,” Lourens said.

Source: St. Martin News Network
13 singers, 2 bands vying for Rumer’s Roadmarch crown.