5-Year Anniversary Of TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers (APRIL 28TH)

PHILIPSBURG:— TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers, St. Maarten’s carnival flagship show and premier dance experience will be hitting a milestone
this year with it’s 5-year anniversary celebration. For the past 4 years, Xtratight™ Entertainment has brought a blend of artists
together that brings the carnival village alive and sets the dance floor on fyah. For their 5th year anniversary dubbed “Fusion”,
Xtratight has gone into their archive and selected the best artists of the past 5 years and placed them on one stage for one night
giving St. Maarten the Ultimate Dance Party. This year Xtratight is guaranteeing yet another Xtatic experience for St. Maarten
Carnival 2017. Xtratight™ Entertainment presents it’s 5th edition of TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers featuring Impakt Band, Kai
formerly known as Carimi, Jean Marc Ferdinand, Claudius Philips, Farmer Nappy and the queen of bacchanal Destra

As customary, Xtratight Entertainment has managed to put a top-notch array of artist together guaranteeing that the 5th edition of
Carnival’s Flagship Show; will be one never to be forgotten. This year’s TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers comprises the “Best Of
The Best” which is guaranteed to set the dancefloor in the village ablaze. Just like every other XT event, Xtratight™ Entertainment
is committed to ensure a production of the highest caliber and promises that the 5th edition of TellCel Night Of The Hit Makers will
once again exceed the expectations of many.

* Impakt Band, one of St Maartens longest standing bands that know’s how to rock a party. With a brass section like no other
Impakt Band is sure to get the dance floor moving. Brace yourself for Imapkt!

* Kai formerly known as Carimi, these kompa kings are no strangers to St. Maarten, in 2016 the band separated but it was not
long after that we saw the birth of Kai which is Carimi in a new Jacket. With the addition of kompa star Mika Ben on the front line
, the band has excelled to another level. One knows that every time Carimi plays it feels like the first time you are hearing the band.
Carnival Village will be transformed into one big dance floor when Kai start letting go their latest hit “Malad” and other big hits such
as “Are You Ready”, “Baby Cool”, “Haiti Bang Bang” and many more. This will be the first time that Kai will perform on St. Maarten.
Are you ready for Kai?

* Jean Marc Ferdinand, back by popular demand, St Maarten did not get enough of this party rocker last year. His mega-hit “Tiki Tak”
is guaranteed to rock the dance floor for both young and old. Jean Marc Ferdinand delivers an energetic performance for any music
lover to stand still. Get Ready!

* Claudius Philips, undoubtedly the biggest hit maker out of Aruba to date, Claudius Philips & his band Oreo have been around for
over 20 years. Like no other, Claudius Philips knows how to keep the dance-floor blazing playing hits after hits. St. Maarten did not get
enough of Claudius Philips in 2014 so this Hit Maker has some unfinished business on the island. “What Time Is It”? Time to dance the
night away for 5 Years Hit Makers!

* Farmer Nappy, this soca phenomenon is celebrating over 30 years in the soca music industry. His hits such has “Chippin”, “Big People
Party”, “My House” and much more has made its way around the Caribbean taking Farmer Nappy to the top of the soca food chain. His
latest mega hit with Destra called “Technically” is taking the Caribbean by storm. Farmer Nappy is ready to turn Hit Makers 5th year
anniversary into a Big People Party!

* Destra, an artist who needs no introduction as her slogan says it all “Queen Of Bacchanal”. Destra is known for her high energetic
performances driving fans insane. In 2015 Destra unleashed this energy in the Carnival village taking TelCell Night of the Hit Makers to
the next level. Hits such as “Jumping”, “Carnival”, “I Dare You”, “Max It Up”, “Lucy” and her latest hit with Farmer Nappy “Technically”
makes Destra the Nr. 1 soca diva in the Caribbean. Destra promises nothing less with her performance at the 5th year anniversary as
she plans to Mash It Up again!

Xtratight Ent. CEO Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming: There is no better feeling than setting your goals and achieving them. In 2013 we came into
the arena with a 5-year vision, with the help of the entire St. Maarten community we saw this vision materialize. I must express continuous
gratitude to our main partner TelCell for sticking there with us all the way. I sincerely thank the SCDF and Michael Granger for giving us the
opportunity and support that was needed to achieve this milestone. Big up all our sponsors and enormous list of supporters. We did not
build Night Of The Hit Makers on our own, it was the people of St. Maarten who did that, I only created the platform, they did the rest. Without
them the village would be a big empty shell. This is why the 5th Edition of TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers is dedicated to the people of St.
Maarten. This will be the Ultimate Dance Party and one can expect a production out of this world, once again making St. Maarten proud. We
always offer great prices and promotions for our fans and patrons but this year get ready for the “Hit Maker Madness” everybody must be a
part of St. Maartens biggest cultural event Carnival, concluded Mr. Rude

SCDF Director Mr. Michael Granger: “It’s hard to believe it’s five years of Hit Makers already. When we started this journey together the intention
was clear; create a signature event for Carnival with unique aspects never before seen in Carnival. Not just a concert, an unforgettable annual
event. Mr. Rude and the XTRATIGHT team has met that goal and then some. Hit Makers is a major attraction of St. Maarten Carnival and Mr. Rude
continues to be innovative in concert production. Hit Makers bears the title as Carnival’s “Flagship” show for a reason. We are proud that Rude
recognizes the importance of that distinction by producing a spectacular, ever growing product, every year.”

The 5 Year Anniversary production of TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers is planned to guarantee each patron a memorable and Xtatic experience.
The signature dance-floor is back, be a part of the biggest outdoor disco setting on the island. The production will be Xtratight™ with the show starting
on time!

It’s not just a concert; it’s a Carnival dance experience! Jus Say Ai!

TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers, Friday April 28th, Carnival Village

Source: St. Martin News Network
5-Year Anniversary Of TelCell Night Of The Hit Makers (APRIL 28TH)