61 confirmed cases of Zika on French St. Martin.

MARIGOT—Figures  obtained from the (CIRE) Antilles Guyane, the Préfecture showed the number of biologically confirmed cases of Zika now stands at 61 in St. Martin, as of April 28, 2016.
The Prefecture of St. Martin in a recent press release states that of the 61 cases, there are two pregnant women who are being closely monitored by health authorities. One patient that has been diagnosed that is unrelated to the recent figures has been accompanied by neurological problems.
The Préfecture reminds the public to continue destroying potential mosquito breeding sites around the home and in the yard, especially to breeding sites. That includes throwing out stagnant water from flower vases, pots, car tyres, anywhere that water can collect, and cleaning out blocked rain gutters and covering cisterns.
For personal protection from mosquito bites, use insect repellent liberally and often, wear long pants and long sleeve clothing, use mosquito nets around the bed and install mosquito screens on doors and windows.
More specific advice and information about Zika can be obtained from the regional health office Agence Regional de la Santé (ARS) Tel. (0590) 27.90.88 or cellular (0690) 18.74.99.
ARS is inviting the public to make an appointment if they wish to receive the mosquito larvae-eating “guppie” or “golomine” fish to put in their cisterns. There is no charge for the fish.

Source: St. Martin News Network
61 confirmed cases of Zika on French St. Martin.