8 SXM entrepreneurs benefit from international interns.

International Knowledge Exchange Program provides 24 interns to local businesses!

drmarciabrandon12052016Great Bay:— From May 13 – 18, 2016, eight (8) local entrepreneurs will work with international students and faculty, as part of the International Knowledge Exchange Program (IKEP). This is the first time that St. Maarten is a part of this program, which chooses different countries every year.
Started by the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (COESL) in 2013, IKEP helps to develop students into global citizens while supporting sustainability of the entrepreneurs throughout the region. Headed by Dr. Marcia Brandon, a premier expert on entrepreneurship development and sustainability in the Caribbean, COESL has a variety of programs throughout the region to stimulate entrepreneurship and transform communities in a dynamic way. The IKEP is in partnership with the leading entrepreneurial university of the Midwest, Fort Hays State University (FHSU), where FHSU students and faculty travel to an island in the Caribbean and use their knowledge and skill set to meet a business need of a local entrepreneur.
This year twenty-four (24) interns on both graduate and undergraduate level and three faculty will be on St. Maarten for a few days. The interns have a variety of skill sets including accounting, digital media, web development, spreadsheet planning, and math. The interns are divided to groups of three and each group is assigned to a locally based entrepreneur based on the business need. This year, students from the University of t. Martin get to assist the international interns by giving facilitating information and assisting in local research. The interns will work with entrepreneur, adding value to the entrepreneur’s business while experiencing firsthand the challenges that many entrepreneurs face. This is at no cost to the entrepreneur.
Foundation INFOBIZZ, the preferred regional partner for COESL is the lead coordinator for this program on St. Maarten. With the aim to develop successful entrepreneurs, INFOBIZZ has hosted a variety of events and programs to help empower entrepreneurs locally, reaching over 1000 entrepreneurs since its launch in 2013. To ensure that St. Maarten students benefited from this unique opportunity, University of St. Martin (USM) joined INFOBIZZ to ensure success. In addition to coordinating students to support the international interns, USM has ensured that classes are available for entrepreneurs who may not have an office to work with the interns.
INFOBIZZ was tasked with finding the local entrepreneurs. This was done through a simple email registration and the program was filled within 48 hours of opening registration. The entrepreneurs that will take part in this program span a variety of businesses including an administration company, car rental, management consultancy, and real estate agency. These entrepreneurs will meet the interns and faculty on May 13 at the opening of this program. Upon completion, the entrepreneurs will receive a Certificate of Completion for this program from Fort Hays State University.
For more information on INFOBIZZ and support programs for entrepreneurs, please call +1-721-523-1842 or email coordinators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Source: St. Martin News Network
8 SXM entrepreneurs benefit from international interns.