Academic Success Abroad Program (ASAP).

PHILIPSBURG:— Academic Success Abroad Program, (ASAP) is a customized program targeting High Schools on the island of St. Martin and surrounding islands developed by SCELL. ASAP will provide valuable support to college bound students pursuing degrees at the University of St. Martin or off island (i.e. abroad) in Holland or the United States. ASAP is a 4 week program, facilitated for 3 hours per week. The course will be administered in St. Martin High Schools and on Saturday’s afternoons at the University of St. Martin from 1pm-4pm starting on Saturday, August 20, 2016. SCELL will start marketing the course to St. Maarten High Schools, neighboring islands and the community as a whole on July 1, 2016. The ASAP programs will be available to High Schools starting the first week of the new school year, August 2016.
SCELL is confident that most High Schools will determine that ASAP is an important initiative and positive reassurance that their graduating students will embark on college/university life more confident, prepared and equipped to succeed.
SCELL has added a unique aspect of the program that will support students after the course. The ASAP Network Online Community. The online Community will allow students abroad and on island to communicate with one another and share their valuable day to day experiences. The students will have a support base with their peers and be able to share similar and unique college life experiences which SCELL believes are springboards for college success. Trained ASAP counselors will monitor and participate in the discussions, to provide students with encouragement, resources available at his/her college and provide them with an open-line of communication. Students who complete the course will be required to submit their college location to the network so counselors are familiar with their college/university departments, resources and academic programs. This will ensure students have and off-site liaison right at their fingertips to support their navigation in their new college environment.
Dr. Gittens stated: It is important for students to understand the benefit of having The University of St. Martin on their motherland. It is also imperative and equally important that if they decide that USM is not their choice that they are prepared to be successful abroad (i.e. off island) at his/her college/university of their choice. ASAP is designed to help students enrolling at USM and colleges abroad be prepared and equipped for their next step. SCELL has taken this initiative to ensure that St. Maarten future professionals and leaders excel and achieve their educational goals on or off island and return successfully educated to enhance our business, government and organizations. The ASAP 4 Week Curriculum will include the following topics and much, much more.

• Introduction to The University of St. Martin’s Academic Degree Programs.
• Introduction to the University of The Virgin Islands Accredited Programs offered at USM.
• How to prepare for College/University life at USM, Holland and the United States.
• How to successfully adapt to the culture of an abroad University or College.
For more information on the ASAP contact SCELL Office at 554-2437. Or visit the SCELL

Source: St. Martin News Network
Academic Success Abroad Program (ASAP).