Announcing the Awardees of VLF’s Leader Worth Following Awards.

“Beyond You” leaders fearlessly and selflessly empower other leaders as well as those coming along beside them.”- Andy Stanley

Great Bay:—Victorious Living Foundation (VLF), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering, enlightening, reconciling and transforming lives now has its first two awardees for its Leadership Awards. Having partnered for the past four years with Leadercast, a global brand dedicated to creating leaders worth following through powerful leadership content and training, the next step was creating Victorious Living’s Leader Worth Following Awards.
Ten nominees were submitted from which five were selected: Apostle Alicia MJ Liverpool, Roy Cotton Jr., Asha Stevens, Jim Rosen and Mhakeda Shillingford. In an effort to include our local and international communities in this dynamic selection process, a poll was created and votes were cast from September 26th to October 4th, 2016.
With enthusiasm and excitement, their supporters cast 1000 votes. Of the 1000 votes cast, a number were invalid as persons were only allowed one entry. As a result, the top vote getters were Apostle Alicia MJ Liverpool with 342 votes and Mrs. Asha Stevens with 283 votes. Consequently, Victorious Living’s first Annual Leader Worth Following nominees are Dr. Alicia MJ Liverpool and Mrs. Asha Stevens.
VLF congratulates all nominees and their Leadercast community for committing to developing their leadership skills. VLF expressed a special word of commendation and congratulations to their first awardees for this prestigious award endorsed by Leadercast based in the United States. Special thanks to all their supporters who made this process a success.
Victorious Living’s Leader Worth Following Awards is scheduled for December 3rd at La Terrasse, Port de Plaisance. The keynote speaker is John Maxwell Coach, Nelson Els. Among the amazing entertainment is the funny lady, “Rosa.” Therefore it’s an event not to be missed.
MCs of the evening are past Y2Xers, author, Darren Wilson and statistician, Joyann Van Arneman. They are among the successful group of millennials that VLF has produced over the past fourteen years through its youth wing, Youth to Xtreme (Y2X).
Tickets are available at Van Dorp Eddine, Adolphus Richardson Office Supplies and Technology and Victorious Living Foundation. Proceeds aid in empowering struggling youth, couples, and families through Victorious Living’s transformational programs and services.
Persons who are passionate about making a difference on St. Martin and beyond may contact Victorious Living at 1-721-524-8731/1-305-407-926; visit their website at or at the Royal Palm Plaza # 92 Front St., Philipsburg. Donations may be made at Victorious Living’s Windward Islands Bank Accounts: US$ 21552202 or NAF 21424300 or via PayPal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Source: St. Martin News Network
Announcing the Awardees of VLF’s Leader Worth Following Awards.