Attorney at Law Brenda Brooks to spend another eight days behind bars. Prosecutor Released Brooks (UPDATED)

PHILIPSBURG:— Famous Attorney at Law Brenda Brooks will have to spend the next eight days behind bars since her pre-trial detention was extended on Friday. SMN News learned that the investigators that are investigating the Ostrich case found a “WhatsApp” chat between Attorney Brooks and one of the immigration officers that is behind bars for bribery, and human smuggling.
Sources close to the investigation says that two auditors traveling from Trinidad to St. Maarten to audit NAGICO contacted Brooks because they overstayed their time once and feared that the immigration officers would have turned them back.
At that point, it is understood that Attorney Brooks contacted the immigration officer and requested her to let the person through for a sum of money.
It is also said that Brooks reported the incident to the supervisor on duty. This incident it is understood occurred about three years ago and the two auditors that were having issues entering the island already have their working and residency permit.
SMN News further understands that the two auditors were questioned on Thursday but up to this time, it is not clear if the investigators questioned the supervisor and if that person cooperated and told the truth. It is also not clear if Attorney Brooks recorded the conversation she had with the then supervisor or if she sent in a letter. All of the facts surrounding this incident is not yet known.
Ever since Attorney Brooks was arrested on Wednesday, there is an outrage in the community because Attorney Brooks is one of the local attorneys that would stand up to the Police when they “messed up investigations”, she would stand up to the Prosecutor’s and even got some of them fired when they broke the law and did not follow procedures or tricked suspects. Attorney Brooks is also one of those Attorney’s that is very outspoken in court, thus those in the justice chain has an ax to grind with Attorney Brooks and seemingly they were only waiting a chance to humiliate her and damage her reputation, it appeared that Attorney Brooks gave those behind her that opportunity when she tried to play police and detective when she was informed about the treatment the auditors got at PJIAE.
On February 16th, 2017, Attorney Brooks wrote a piece on Facebook condemning the actions of Attorneys and other elected persons. Several persons said that this is one of the reasons she was picked up early Wednesday morning and is still behind bars while there are other suspects that commits worse crimes and are roaming the streets. Certain persons that are good with the Police and Prosecutor’s Office would get an invitation to visit the Police Station or Prosecutor’s Office but in order to humiliate Attorney Brooks, four detectives showed up at her home early Thursday morning and arrested her even though they know she is a frequent visitor at the Philipsburg Police Station. What is more appalling the same Prosecutor’s who chose to keep Attorney Brooks behind bars so long and even drag her to court, knew from the time she was arrested that she was ill, yet they chose to do what they see fit to a local attorney that knows the law and would represent suspects for almost nothing. 

As I read through comments on social media I can’t help than to wonder how our people think, act and reason. Now as an attorney I can say there are several attorneys here on this island who go out in public, drink themselves down to a point where they cause accidents. Some might even snort their heads off in clubs and get thrown out but that don’t mean because our society accept these types of behavior that I Brenda Brooks want to caught drunk and high on the road. I drink but I don’t have to overdo it because at the end of the day I believe I stand for something in this society. If a parliamentarian gets a way with doing wrong that doesn’t mean it’s o.k. and that I should do the same. When we take on certain positions certain behavior is expected of us and if we should be in an exemplary position we should act accordingly be it professionally or in our personal lives and if we can’t do that we should refrain from taking on such roles. I would love to walk nude on our nude beach. But guess what? The role I chose in this society does not permit me to do so. Our people have ways of reasoning that appalls me and reading some comments here says alot about our society and the lack of principles and values.

The Judge of Instruction of Friday, February 24 deemed the arrest of B.B. lawful. The detention has been prolonged with eight (8) more days. She was arrested on February 22 in the ostrich investigation on suspicions of bribing and human smuggling, a statement released by the Prosecutor’s Office.Judge of Instruction of Friday, February 24 deemed the arrest and detention of B.B. lawful. This means that the Judge believes there are sufficient suspicions of involvement in bribing and human smuggling. The Prosecutor decided however late this afternoon to send the suspect home due to a medical emergency. The sickbay at the House of Detention does not have room for the suspect. She remains a suspect in the Ostrich-investigation. The investigation continues,  a statement from Gino Bernadina on behalf of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Attorney at Law Brenda Brooks to spend another eight days behind bars. Prosecutor Released Brooks (UPDATED)