Ava Airways Takes the Government of Curacao and Minister Camelia-Römer to Court

avareps30012017WILLEMSTAD/ PHILIPSBURG – This morning Monday morning) the Court of Justice treated the case of the aviation company AVA Airways (“Curacao”) against the Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Spatial Planning Suzanne Camelia-Römer.

The reason for this case is for the court to force the minister to decide on the objection letter which was filed since last year by the legal representative of the company, Mr. Chester Peterson. The minister indicated in a radio interview last year that she will not communicate with the airline anymore and this, according to Mr. Peterson, This is just unacceptable.

Ava Airways presented this objection letter to the minister after she refused to give the company its economic permit. The minister said, in the media, specified several documents that lead to her decision to reject the company its economic permit. On several occasions, the representatives of the airline have requested the minister to give them the opportunity to see these documents.

On Monday during the court hearing, the lawyers representing the government, indicated that by this week the minister will respond to the objection letter. According to Mr. Peterson, this is certainly a good news.

Ava Airways has been waiting for its economic permit since 2014. According to the Chairman of the company, Olivier Arrindell, the company has complied with all the requirements for this permit. “Almost two years later, still no permit.” The company now is busy with the Authorities in St. Maarten to launch Ava Airways St. Maarten and looking forward to the Authorities in St. Maarten to grant Ava Airways St. Maarten its economic permit in a speedy time however to this date this was not the case. Ava Airways St. Maarten is also awaiting on its Economic permit and do hope that the Authorities in St. Maarten does not conclude with the same faith of Minister Camelia-Römer of Curacao.

The lawyers representing the Curacao government stated during the court hearing that an airline must have aircraft, personnel, offices etc. Ava Airways has none of these things. In his reaction, Mr. Peterson and President of AVA Curaçao Giovanny Atalita said that first, the company must receive its economic permit. We can clearly see that the Government and its Attorney don’t even understand the Aviation regulation and the steps. “We cannot invest in the acquisition of aircraft and personnel while we don’t have our necessary permits in place. That’s absurd!” said Mr. Atalita.

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Source: St. Martin News Network
Ava Airways Takes the Government of Curacao and Minister Camelia-Römer to Court..