Be the Change Foundation raised monies for SXM BJJ.

bjjdonation13042016PHILIPSBURG:— During the month of March, Be The Change members raised a total of $795 for SXM BJJ to instill confidence in students through the study of martial arts and self defense training.
SXM BJJ will be leading a series of classes for students from the Sister Marie Lawrence School ‘Individual Education’ group. Individual Education is a special class within the Catholic school system for students with behavioral issues. The IE group consists of 10 students age 9-12. They will be picked up by private transportation and participate in a 45 minute class at the SXM BJJ dojo in Cole Bay, followed by a healthy lunch.
The aim of the classes is to provide physical education and teach self defense skills. SXM BJJ also teaches the importance not only of being bully-proof, but also teaching students to be helpful training partners and not become bullies themselves. The nature of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires working closely with a partner- this tests a child’s cooperation skills and builds teamwork.
Each child will also receive a Team T shirt as a uniform. Part of the student’s responsibility will be to remember their shirt for the following week’s class (and keep their school shirts clean and dry)
The Be the Change donation to SXM BJJ will go towards the transportation, healthy lunch and uniform shirts for this pilot program. SXM BJJ has bne gvign these classes since last month and will continue doing so throughout the remainder of April 2016.
For questions, comments or how you can help out SJJ, please contact Melissa Bardfield, cel 721 580 3894.

Be The Change is proud to help support such a worthwhile project.
Please see our web page at to see how you can join us in our community efforts.

Source: SMN News Be the Change Foundation raised monies for SXM BJJ.