Books of Denise de Jongh-Rekwest donated to the Library.

PHILIPSBURG:— Finally, the books of Denise De Jongh-Rekwest, the in Curaçao born author, who lives in Bonaire, could be handed over by Loekie Morales to the director of the Jubilee Library of St. Maarten in Philipsburg, Monique Alberts.
Morales met her colleague author during the Children Book weeks in Curaçao, where they have presented their books and stories to the children in several primary schools on the island.
‘I am happy that I could bring Denise’s books as a donation of hers to the library. Knowing the loss of the library during the last hurricanes, Denise thought the books would be very welcome in Sint Maarten.’ said Loekie.
Denise De Jongh-Rekwest has published several children books, like the ‘Kaylee series’ ‘(Etikèt i krokèt di Kaylee’, ‘Kaylee ta haña klòmp’, ‘Kaylee i su primunan ku fakansi na Kòrsou’, ‘Kaylee, Reina di karnaval’) and a comic book ‘Gina i Gino, amigu di kurason’. All of these books are in Papiamentu and Dutch.
Denise Rekwest writes mostly in Papiamento. She is an expert in tourism and etiquette. The latter is to be found in the series of Kaylee, a little girl who while growing up, learns about how to behave nicely and do the things in a correct and respectful manner.
Another book which is ‘Papia nèchi ku Koko Lep i Koko Lap’, was successful for teaching etiquette to toddlers as well. ‘Etikèt, e porta pa eksito!’ was Denise’s first book for adults. Her latest book for adults is ‘Lanta sin Tata’, dealing with the experiences of people who grew up with no father in their lives, and the effects of this phenomenon on adults. This book is a success because it is well written. Besides that, the topic is very common throughout the Caribbean, where you will find most single mother households.
In Holland, Denise de Jongh-Rekwest has studied tourism and etiquette was the subject she is specialized in. Based on her experiences she has started a company twenty years ago, called ‘Training & Consultancy 2000’ to give training in etiquette to children, teenagers and adults in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and the Windward Islands.
Monique Alberts has accepted the books as a welcome asset to the libraries book collection.

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Source: St. Martin News Network