BREAKING NEWS: High Day Shooting leaves young man dead.

piniquioshooting05052016 French Quarter:— A shooting which took place around midday in the Poumou area has left a young man identified as Jacquim Richardson aka Pinoquio by friends and persons who knows the victim said the young man lives in Dutch Quarter. SMN News understands that the victim was shot three times while driving his car on RN 7. On Facebook the victim’s is known as “Slime Davis”(Monkey Ink).
Several emergency workers from the ambulance department and the SAMU were seen trying their best to save the young man’s life but to no avail. The victim’s car bearing the number plate P 9758. Ambulance workers placed the victim on the ground as they stripped him naked trying to save his life.
At the scene a number of persons gathered at the scene looking as they emergency workers tried their best to revive the well-known young man.
shootingpiniquio05052016Some bystanders were overheard saying that the sun was too hot and that the emergency workers should try to find a cool place to rest the victim as they tried to revive him.
Captain of the Gendarmerie Emmanuel Magnion said they do not have the identity of the victim, neither they do not have no information on the broad day light shooting. Magnion said it appeared as though the victim received three gun shots.

Source: St. Martin News Network
BREAKING NEWS: High Day Shooting leaves young man dead.