Budget debate adjourned for the lack of support from Opposition.

MP Lloyd Richardson admitted he wants National Government.

PHILIPSBURG:— The 2016 draft budget debate had to be adjourned on Thursday afternoon after several speakers indicated that they will not support the current draft budget as it was presented.
Member of Parliament Lloyd Richardson in his statements during the second round did not address anything relating to the budget but instead said that he believes that the country St. Maarten needs stability and he is the one who initiated talks to form a national government.
MP Tamara Leonard, cut short her speech but clearly indicated that everyone in Parliament knows her stance as she already said publicly that she will not support the 2016 draft budget. MP Cornelius de Weever in his statements fired words at the Minister of VSA, who is of Chinese ethnicity. De Weever said people asked him to define who is a local but while growing up he only knew of one “Lee”. De Weever also made clear several times that he will not vote for the draft 2016 budget for several reasons he outlined. MP Leona Marlin Romeo, in her statements that if several budget amendments are made then she was willing to support the draft budget.
Members supporting the coalition that spoke credited the Minister of Finance Richard Gibson Sr who took civil servants that worked on the draft budget and presented them to the Members of Parliament. With the statements made by several members of the opposition that spoke the chair of parliament adjourned the meeting since it was not necessary for the Minister of Finance to speak or allow a voting to take place.

Source: St. Martin News Network Budget debate adjourned for the lack of support from Opposition.


  1. What a joke this Parliament has become…….incredible selfishness. No respect for their DUTY to REPRESENT the PEOPLE of SXM!!!

  2. How opportunistic but what can we expect from the likes of Theo and his gang of misfits.

    And Cornie – you racist low life!!