Business Cycle Survey kicks off this week.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Department of Statistics (STAT), is collecting data for its Business Cycle Survey starting this Thursday. The survey is geared towards capturing the performance of business establishments throughout the full year 2015, this will help the department assess the economic situation of industries within this period.

The target group includes all businesses with ten employees or more; and a sample of businesses with nine or less employees, the survey-period will continue through mid-December this year.

Entities who received the Business Cycle Survey for the first half of 2015, can now expect to receive a slightly more expanded questionnaire. Participants are asked to provide estimates of their overall activity, including levels and changes in turnover, personnel, costs and investments. Additionally questions will include the opinions of entrepreneurs regarding competitiveness, confidence in business and the economy and their 2016 expectations.

STAT-trained interviewers will be distributing and collecting the Business- Cycle questionnaires and will be available to provide support on filling the forms if this is necessary.

STAT urges all businesses approached to fully cooperate with the Business Cycle survey, as the private-sector input is essential for the department’s work in measuring current economic developments.

Source: St. Martin News Network Business Cycle Survey kicks off this week.