Cape Bay fire claims five homes — Fire Chief Clive Richardson.

capebayfire27052016CAPE BAY:— At least five homes in the Cape Bay area caught fire late Thursday night. Head of the fire department Clive Richardson confirmed that the fire took place behind the GEBE electrical plant in the shanty town area.
Richardson said based on the preliminary report he received the cause of the fire was not yet determined. He further explained that the detective department is busy investigating the circumstances surrounding Thursday night blaze.
SMN News reporter tried contacting Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson who said it was the wooden structures on Aaron Jacobs drive behind the GEBE power plant that caught fire. He said when the fire trucks reached the scene it was extremely difficult for them to reach the area where the fire was because of the location and condition of the road. Henson also said no one was injured in Thursday night blaze and that the fire department and police department are investigating the cause of the fire. Asked if he knew how many families and or persons were displaced Henson said he did not have that information but stressed that no one was injured.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Cape Bay fire claims five homes — Fire Chief Clive Richardson.