Caribbean Unions of Seventh Day Adventist Principals workshop held.

Maho:— Honorable Minister Silveria Jacobs attended The Caribbean Union of Seventh Day Adventist Principals workshop held at the Maho Sonesta Resort. Under the theme of Aligning Hearts and Minds, the purpose of the workshop is to ensure that every Seventh Day Adventist school in the Caribbean Union promotes academic excellence in a spiritually charged environment.

Along with the Minister, in attendance were representatives from the Caribbean Union Conference, the North, South and East Caribbean Conference, the St. Lucia, Tobago, Suriname, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Southern Leeward Mission and the Grenada Conference. Secondary and Primary school principals were also in attendance of this rather important workshop.

Minister Jacobs highlighted that in leading by example, you are not only an inspiration to staff and students, but the community on a whole. While emphasizing the excellent results by Seventh Day Adventist school across the region, the Minister noting the abundance of Christian-based school on St. Maarten, and expressed the importance of not only teaching students academics, but the word of God as well.

The Minister implored educators to courageously raise the bar for students to achieve higher than imaginable and reminded those present that there is no better resource for a school than teachers who are empowered and equipped to do so. While concurring with the theme of the workshop, Minister Jacobs stated that is it important to align your hearts and minds with God to shape the future generations to be intellectually and spiritually aligned with God as well, and paraphrased Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in stating that education is both academics and character.

In closing, Minister Jacobs hoped that the workshop gives those in attendance the tools and resources to continuously inspire excellence from students and that this spiritually charged environment connects the attendees as friends, partners and members of the Adventists community. The Minister also looks forward to the local Adventists school sharing the positives of this workshop with their colleagues here on Sint Maarten.

Source: St. Martin News Network Caribbean Unions of Seventh Day Adventist Principals workshop held.