Central Committee meeting about installation and composition Committees and amendment Rules of Order.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Central Committee will meet in a session on October 11, 2017.

The Central Committee meeting has been set for Wednesday at 2.00 pm in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelminastraat #1 in Philipsburg.

The agenda points are:

  1. Advice regarding the installation and composition of the Permanent and Ad hoc Committees of Parliament
  2. Advice regarding the installation and composition of the Committees of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino)
  3. Amendment of article 69 and addition several new articles to the Rules of Order
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Members of the public are invited to the House of Parliament to attend parliamentary deliberations.

The House of Parliament is located across from the Court House in Philipsburg.

The parliamentary session will be carried live on St. Maarten Cable TV Channel 120, via Pearl Radio FM 98.1, the audio via the Internet www.pearlfmradio.sx, via www.sxmparliament.org and the Parliament Facebook page.

Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/27312-central-committee-meeting-about-installation-and-composition-committees-and-amendment-rules-of-order.html