Civil servants attend train-the-trainers SintMaartenInfo training.

training29022016GREAT BAY (DCOMM):—-Civil servants representing different Ministries in government last week attended a three-day Train-the-Trainers database management workshop related to the newly developed National Database SintMaartenInfo.

The workshop was carried out by Sameer Thapar from Community Systems Foundations (CSF).

The establishment of SintMaartenInfo is part of the National Development Plan project, led by the Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BAK).

SintMaartenInfo is designed to support strategic national planning by allowing access to a wide variety of reliable statistical data and enable government to better monitor the developmental progress of the country and to assist in international reporting.

SintMaartenInfo is also a tool to enable high quality presentation of data in a variety of formats.

The train-the-trainers workshop resulted in a core group of certified civil servants with the skills and capacity to further train on the management and utilization of SintMaartenInfo.

The database for the moment contains socio-economic data from across government and Census material. The Department of Statistics in cooperation with all ministries will continue to update the system.

The main focus is to get all our relevant data uploaded from 2010 onwards and to further build capacity within the Ministries to manage the database.

The first version of SintMaartenInfo will be launched within government on Monday March 7th, 2016.

A roll-out plan is being finalized to have a public launch within a few months. After that SintMaartenInfo will be available online to the public as a tool for research, analysis and advocacy.

Source: St. Martin News Network Civil servants attend train-the-trainers SintMaartenInfo training.