Coast Guard seized large quantity of Narcotics.

gofastcocaine24102016WILLEMSTAD:—- The coast guard of the Caribbean seized intercepted on Monday 24th October huge of narcotics on a go- fast boat.
The raider of operator RCC detected around midnight a suspicious boat south of Cas Abou Curacao. The dash 8, patrolling aircraft of the coast guard and a super-rhip also from Curacao was dispatched to investigate the suspicious activities of the go-fast. Upon inspection, they encountered an unmanned go-fast. The crew apparently fled after they were detected by the coast guard.
On board of this go-fast a huge quantity of narcotics was found, after the initial investigation, it appeared 15 bales of (400) most probably cocaine.
The KPC was informed and with land, patrol searched the area but no one was found or captured.
The boat and illicit drugs were boats confiscated for further investigation. KPC took possession of the narcotics since the investigation will be conducted by the two justice entities. This is the second time in less than one week that the Coast Guard intercepted a huge quantity of narcotics.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Coast Guard seized large quantity of Narcotics.