Coastguard intercepts an illegal transport of exotic animals.


importedanimals24102016PHILIPSBURG:— The Rescue and Coordination Center of the Coastguard detected on Sunday around 17.45 a suspicious ship on the radar south of Aruba.

A patrol vessel with a super RHIB was immediately dispatched from coastguard station Aruba to investigate the radar contact. At about four (4) miles south of Barcadera they located the vessel. Two coast guard officials got on board of the vessel and encountered a variety of exotic species. The Customs and Immigration were notified of the findings and the vessel was escorted to the harbor of Barcadera. Once there it was inspected thoroughly by the customs and Coast Guard. Besides the animals, amongst which four(4) mini Macaws, one(1) Jaguar, one (1) Ocelot , eleven (11) toucans, two (2) Tamarind monkeys, three(3) Cocker Spaniels, one(1) Great Dane, one (1) Bull terrier and six(6) Tortoises. Furthermore, some cartons of cigarettes and an amount of fuel were found on board. The vessel, all animals, the cigarettes, and fuel have been confiscated by the customs. An official report was made up against the captain by the customs for smuggling of the above-mentioned goods and animals. The Coast Guard also drafted an official report for lacking required maritime documents.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Coastguard intercepts an illegal transport of exotic animals.