COCI AT WORK Public Tender session/ Business mixer/Business plan competition/Gastronomy/Art competition.

coci16092016PHILIPSBURG:—The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) organized a well-attended information session on the public tendering process on Wednesday September 7th , sponsored by OBNA Bank. A panel of local professionals addressed the tendering process, how to prepare a tender document, how to meet the financial requirements of a tender. The presentations were followed by a lively exchange between the panelist and the attendees which was moderated by Mr. Kenneth Lei.

The objective of COCI was to provide vital information to entrepreneurs in St. Maarten in order to promote successful participation in tenders. The attendance underscored in the interest within the community and the desire to be informed. The session brought to the foreground the need for a small business development guarantee fund or other means through which the required project/tender guarantees could be obtained by other tender participants.

COCI will take up this matter in formulation of future projects and initiatives.
As part of its theme to propel, drive, guide, stimulate and facilitate economic development COCI has and will launch several initiatives throughout the remainder of the year, all focused on gaining proper understanding of the difficulties the business community faces and customizing proper approaches and solutions to address those difficulties; all in support of the development, sustainability and growth of entrepreneurship in St. Maarten.

In the month of the July COCI organized a Business Mixer themed: “How to survive the off
season”. The takeaway from this session was that through application of simple solutions, businesses could convert seasonal business into year-round business. “Know your customer” a personalized and customized approach to enhance return customers , diversification of offerings to suit the season (and so any season), embrace the fact that there is a much larger market to serve than just the tourist visiting in the high season and entice local and regional markets were just some of the propositions shared. While this required work from the business sector itself, work on the part of government and

institutions as COCI were also discussed. Safety and security, road conditions and closures, customer experience in Philipsburg were some of the topics that will form the basis for new initiatives to be developed by COCI.

COCI Gastronomy, a dine-around experience, is launched to expose the local community to the great cuisine offered on the island. COCI Business plan competition is an annual competition to stimulate entrepreneurship, and so business growth. COCI art competition is an initiative to provide exposure for local artists and their art forms to a wider audience, is the most recent undertaking of COCI to work with different segments of the business community, while enhancing our product offering as a country. COCI website, newsletter and face book or engaging them during COCI events.

This is your COCI at work, not only working towards a better COCI product, but also actively contribute towards the economic growth of this country. In the words of the COCI President: “ Sustainable economic growth is based on a strong and well developed small-business foundation. Develop your small business and economic growth is inevitable.”. COCI vows to continue its structural support to the business community, so facilitating economic growth from the bottom-up.

COCI achieves through teamwork and collaborations, hereby publically acknowledging and expressing its appreciation for its partners.

Source: St. Martin News Network
COCI AT WORK Public Tender session/ Business mixer/Business plan competition/Gastronomy/Art competition.