Conditional dismissals during Heineken Regatta.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Public Prosecutors Office and the Sint Maarten Police Force would like to inform the general public and the visitors of the following:

Due to the large amount of people on the island for the Sint Maarten Regatta, there will be a zero tolerance policy in connection with the violation of the general police ordinance and some offenses and misdemeanors in particular. Not following commands by a police officer or disturbing the parade will result in a fine of 150 guilders. Fighting can result in a fine of 150 guilders or 750 guilders (ill-treatment). Possession of a weapon (not a fire-arm) will result in an immediate fine of 625 guilders. Possession of drugs will also not be tolerated and will be fined depending on the amount. The full list of transactions is
published below. Please follow all instructions by the authorities. The police and the Public Prosecutors
Office will act accordingly. We wish everybody a safe and happy Regatta 2016.



1. Not following commands by a police officer (art. 3)
NAFLS 150,-/$85,-

2. Disturbing the parade (art. 4)
NAFLS 150,-/$85,-

3. Fighting in public (No ill-treatment art. 24 sub b)
NAFLS 150,-/$85,-

4. Removing, replacing or taking down of a police barricade (art. 24 sub c)
NAFLS 150,-/$85,-

5. Throwing of bottles (art. 25)
NAFLS 375,-/$212,-

Joint Press Release by Prosecutor’s Office and KPSM.

Source: St. Martin News Network Conditional dismissals during Heineken Regatta.