Corporate Governance Council asked to make their position available.

Accused of overstepping their authorities and leaking information.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Prime Minister of St. Maarten requested the members of the Corporate Governance Council (CGC) to make their positions available after they sent a letter to the Prime Minister informing him that both candidates that were nominated for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position of TELEM  are qualified for the position, but also insinuated in their letter to the Prime Minister whom they believe is more qualified for the position.
Besides overstepping their authority as an advisory body, the members of the council allegedly leaked information to one of the two candidates who then went on a radio program boasting to be the most qualified candidate based on the advice/letter sent to the Prime Minister.
SMN News learned that the members of the CGC allegedly also leaked information to the unions who also made statements relating to the advice.
SMN News  further understands that the Prime Minister William Marlin sent the letter to the CGC on Thursday when he realized that the members of CGC were influential and had preference as to whom he should appoint to the position even though he selected the candidate and then they asked for the information on the second candidate, something that is not normal. Besides the abnormality, the CGC allegedly leaked information to the candidates and unions whom it is understood already made statements about the letter sent to the Prime Minister of St. Maarten.
Efforts made to reach Prime Minister William Marlin for a comment proved futile as he is currently in the Dominican Republic where he has to sign an MOU with the Dominican Republic on behalf of the Kingdom on more working cooperation between the Kingdom and the Dominican Republic.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Corporate Governance Council asked to make their position available.