Curacao Former Minister of Health condemned in Mouth Mask case.

WILLEMSTAD:— The Court of First Instance of Curaçao today condemned a former Minister of Health, Environment and Nature, her husband and a former friend of that spouse for swindling the prison. A policy officer from the former minister was acquitted of all accusations.

Dubnium research
The judgment of the Court of First Instance relates to an investigation which is based on the name “Dubnium” and is aimed at the events surrounding the purchase of 40,000 masks by Stichting Buro Ziektekostenvoorzieningen (hereafter: BOD) in 2012.

The Court of First Instance considered proven on in a verdict issued on Wednesday that fraud and money laundering was committed by the former Minister of Health in Curacao. According to the Court of First Instance, the defendant J.C., during the time that she was Minister of Health, Environment and Nature, went along with her husband’s plan to ensure that a great deal of money could be earned from the purchase of surgical masks. According to the Court of First Instance, it was also Constancia who introduced the masking project at BZV. The husband of Constancia also involved a friend in the plan. A one-man company with a Chinese name was registered at the Chamber of Commerce and both a quotation and an invoice were issued for the supply of surgical masks. The quotation and invoice were based on a disproportionately large amount, but were apparently accepted by BZV – apparently through Constancia. The usual procedures were skipped and the amount of money was paid out in one go. That amount of money was then largely channeled by the husband of Constancia and his friend. The mouth caps have never been delivered.

Unconditional prison sentence and disqualification from the office
The Court considers that only an unconditional prison sentence qualifies as appropriate punishment. As far as the level of the prison sentence is concerned, a link has been sought with the sentence assessment that normally takes place in fraud cases. Furthermore, the Court of First Instance took account of the penalty-increasing and punitive conditions of each defendant. On that basis, the Court of First Instance, having regard to the length of the investigation, arrived at the imposition of 20 months’ imprisonment in the case of Constancia and her husband, and 8 months imprisonment for the husband’s friend.
In the case of Constancia, the Court also imposes an additional penalty. She is relieved for the duration of 5 years from the right to occupy the office of minister. The reason for this is that with her actions she has seriously violated the trust placed in her as minister and has thereby discredited her office, while she has still not repented.

Source: St. Martin News Network