Curacao Inspector General says Advent Hospital published incorrect notice.

~Claim about ‘lying and misleading’ is demonstrably incorrect, war between Inspectorate of Health and Advent continues.~

WILLEMSTAD:— The Advent Hospital has made incorrect announcements in an advertisement today about an interview given by the Inspector-General on Wednesday. In addition, big words are used as ‘lying’ and ‘misleading’. That is demonstrably incorrect.

The essence of the advertisement is the claim that the Inspector General would have deceived and lied in an interview with Rick Hart (Radio Hoyer) on Wednesday, July 25th. In this interview, the Inspector General stated at that time not informed to be aware of the content of complaints filed against him with the Minister and the Ombudsman. According to the management of the Advent Hospital, that is incorrect. However, the reality is, and this can be proven with signed and dated receipts, that the entire set of complaints was not received by the Inspector General until 26 July after 2 pm. Only then did he take notice of the content.

The Public Health Inspectorate has also taken note of the rest of the advertisement. The image outlined there is at odds with reality, and the Inspectorate does not recognize itself in it. The Public Health Inspectorate will simply continue with the ongoing work.

Source: St. Martin News Network