Curacao Inspectorate of Health starts research into quality psychological reports.

~Complaints about psychologists can be submitted to Inspection.~

WILLEMSTAD:—The Inspectorate of Health of Curacao has started an investigation into the quality of psychological reports for so-called ‘statements’ at the request of the Education Inspectorate. These statements are necessary for references to Special Education and the provision of extra time for examinations. Based on previous research carried out by the Education Inspectorate, doubts have arisen about the quality of the studies and the reports based on them.

The Healthcare Inspectorate carries out this research on the basis of the provisions of the National Ordinance Inspectorate for Public Health and the National Ordinance on Health Professions (Lvo BIG). According to Article 29 of the LVO BIG, a medical professional, including psychologists, must provide care on the basis of expertise, a good level, effective, efficient, patient-oriented and tailored to the patient’s real needs.

Pursuant to Article 31a of the LVO BIG, every medical professional must have a complaints procedure for himself or together with his or her professional group. So far, that is not the case with the professional group of psychologists, united in PsyCur. For this reason, the Inspectorate draws attention to the possibility of filing complaints against psychologists at the Public Health Inspectorate, as is the case for physicians. The Inspection is easily accessible via the website Complaints can be submitted via this website.

Source: St. Martin News Network