Deadly Shooting in St. Peters leaves one dead (UPDATED).

alricodolphin04092016St. Peters:—- A man was shot dead on Soursap Road St. Peters  early Sunday morning just after 1am. SMN News learned that when neighbors heard the gunshots, they called police a number of times and it took forever before police reached the scene. The neighbors who were obviously afraid to venture outside said when police reached the scene some of them came outside and police told them even if they had reached the scene earlier they could not have saved the young man’s life. 
According to Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson, police was called to the scene and found a body of male lying next to a car, Henson said the victim   bled to death from gunshot wounds.
According to information reaching SMN News identified the victim ass Alrico Dolphin aka Rico, he is the son calypsonian Mighty Arrow. Several persons contacted SMN News on Sunday venting their anger, stating that the Minister of Justice and government has to take measures against the dysfunctional prison management and the high rate of absentees of prison guards that are calling in sick all the time leaving the prison to be manned by two prison guards per shift. Asked what the recent shootings have to do with the prison, several of the concerned persons said that the brutal killing of Omar Jones on Wednesday inside the prison is what sparked the shootings now. They said that we are going back to 2011 where gang members take revenge after Amador Jones was gunned down. “No one can blame the people that lost their child/ husband and father who was murdered while being in state custody. They have every right to rise up but they need to rise up against the prison management. We all know that the Director of the Prison is incompetent and arrogant and while he does not know how to manage the prison he is running long standing workers of the prison who could have assisted him with the management of the prison.”

The angry residents and even relatives of those that lost relatives said the most dangerous prisoner escaped “Cuchi” and it seems as though he is forgotten and life goes on as usual. The prison management to this date has not said anything about the escaped prisoner, and neither the police.

Further, to that just recently a prison guard was arrested for smuggling illegal items into the prison. What we are hearing is the few prison guards that are still working at the prison is doing so in fear, because if they don’t comply with the demands of the prisoners their lives are being threatened.

SMN News tried on several occasions to get a reaction from Prison Director Edward Rohan but he could never be reached by telephone. 

Police are busy investigating.


On Sunday September 4th shortly after midnight the Emergency Dispatch received several calls about gunshots being fired on the Soursap road in Sint Peters. Immediately several police patrols, Paramedics, Detectives and Forensic Department were sent to the scene to investigate what had taken place. On the scene the investigating offices located a man lying on the street next to his car. The victim was bleeding from gunshot wounds and not showing any signs of life. Immediately the area was closed off and a crime scene was established. Forensic Department was sent to the scene to collect evidence and Detectives were speaking to potential witnesses. The identity of the victim has not yet been established. Who is responsible for this shooting and why is still unknown.
The investigation has just started and more details are not available at this time. As these details become available the media will be informed.

KPSM Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network
Deadly Shooting in St. Peters leaves one dead (UPDATED).