Destination St. Maarten in Southern Caribbean Bike Marathon Challenge.

Port St. Maarten commends tour provider TRiSPORTS XM for Collaboration

POINTE BLANCHE:— TRiSPORTS XM is proud to collaborate with the international adventure-travel company Z Adventures for the inaugural Philipsburg Waterfront Marathon set to take place on the Island on February 6.
The marathon is part of the cruise adventure dubbed “Southern Caribbean Challenge” where world renowned amateur athletes will be running six marathons in six countries over a one week cruise vacation.

Port St. Maarten management commends the TRiSPORTS XM home-grown tour operator for its innovativeness and pro-activeness in having the destination included in this initiative as it further profiles and highlights the destination.

“The promotion of the destination involves every business. Each one has a focus and specialized area, and within that area, the opportunities that may exist have to be explored in order to make us a unique but also an authentic destination which has a multitude of things to offer its visitors.

“If we are to remain ahead of the pack, we have to continue to be innovative and offer new ways to explore the island. Biking and a marathon tour is definitely one way, and we commend TRiSPORTS XM for its initiative and collaboration,” Port St. Maarten management said on Monday.

The event will start in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Jan 31, 2016 and will be followed by marathons in St. Thomas on February 1, Barbados on February 3, St. Lucia on February 4, St. Kitts on February 5 and the final one in Sint Maarten on February 6.

The idea was coined by Ziyad Rahim, Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Z Adventures. Ziyad is no stranger to extreme marathoning. He holds 10 Guinness World Records in long-distance running and is the only athlete in the world to complete a half marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon on all seven continents.

In 2015, he took 36 runners from around the world to attempt seven marathons on seven continents in the least number of days. The team completed the feat in 10 days and thereby broke 13 Guinness World Records in the process.

The strong 34 member group coming to the island comprise of runners who combined together have broken over 20 Guinness World Records, ran a marathon on each continent 15 times and have in excess of 2,500 marathons in over 100 countries. The youngest competitor on the trip is eight years old and the oldest is 78.

Speaking to media, the event organizer, Ziyad Rahim said: “The whole idea of arranging this adventure is to allow runners to complete a marathon in as many countries as they can; and at the cheapest possible price. There are runners who have completed marathons in 80 to 100 countries but not in Sint Maarten.

“Most of the runners are part of Marathon Country Club and Marathon Globetrotters and their aim is tick off as many countries as they can. None of the runners on this adventure are professionals. They are all our everyday folks with a full-time job and families who are keen to attempt challenges that are out of their comfort zones”.

Among the notable athletes who will be on the trip are:

1. Dr. Juergen Kuhlmey (Germany): 78 years old. Has run 541 marathons in 57 countries. World Record holder for the oldest person to complete a marathon on each continent.
2. Dr. Brent Weigner (USA): World Record Holder for completing a marathon on each continent 10 times. Has run 280+ marathons in 97 countries. He is a 3 time cancer survivor.
3. Klaus Westphal (Germany): Run over 500 marathons in 102 countries.
4. Ila Brandli (USA): Celebrated her 70th birthday by completing her 120th marathon. Oldest woman to do the 7 continents in the fastest time (10 days).
5. Troy & Cathie Johnson (USA): Oldest and fastest couple to complete a marathon on each continent. Together, they have run over 250 marathons.
6. Tuedon Morgan (Nigeria): Holder of 2 Guinness World Records. A mother of 4, at the age of 38, she weighed over 300lbs. In the last 4 years, she shed over 180 pounds and started her marathon career. She is a famous nutrition expert and has run a marathon in 35 countries.
7. Vagn Kirkelund (Italy): Run over 500 marathons in 40+ countries.
8. JC Santa Teresa (Philippines): Guinness World Record holder for completing 23 ultramarathons in consecutive days.
9. Sidy Diallo (France): Run over 130 marathon in 42 countries. He runs barefoot.
10. Parvaneh Moayedi (Iran): Run over 700 lifetime marathons and Guinness World Records holder for completing 167 marathons in one year.
Ziyad Rahim thanked TRiSPORTS XM for their commitment in arranging the event for the runners.

Source: St. Martin News Network Destination St. Maarten in Southern Caribbean Bike Marathon Challenge.