Detective Jerry Gerardus to spend another 8-days in Pretrial detention.

PHILIPSBURG:— Detective Jerry Gerardus who was arrested on July 4th by members of the National Detectives will spend another 8 days in pretrial detention as the investigation continues. Gerardus is suspected of accepting bribes, forging documents and breach of confidentiality. At the time of the arrest Gerardus was working in the cabinet of Prime Minister Leona Marlin Romeo.
The stained cop who has been a subject of investigations since 2011 when he was stopped by American border control for having what was believed to be phony airline tickets. After two days being detained on US soil Gerardus and his family members were allowed to purchase new tickets to return to St. Maarten.
Shortly after that incident Police Internal Affairs launched an investigation to determine Gerardus role in having someone purchase airline tickets with a stolen credit card at extremely low price.
Gerardus was also accused by an Indian merchant on Front Street for stealing jewelry while investigating an armed robbery. That case was pushed under the preverbal carpet as those in the Police Internal Affairs did not believe that Gerardus committed the act.
On April 16th 2018, Gerardus was detained and questioned his role in looting post Irma. It is understood that the detective chose to loot jewelry that was fenced for him. At least one suspect already gave statements against Gerardus.
It should be noted that Gerardus significant other Soraida Gerardus Richardson a former immigration officer was also convicted on bribery charges.

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Source: St. Martin News Network