Dr. Petit addresses resignation as Chairman of the Supervisory Board USZV —- plans to file complaint with Prosecutor’s Office and National Detectives— Minister Reacts (UPDATED)

michelpetit21082016Minister of Health places overreaching and undue influence on Supervisory Board of Directors.

PHILIPSBURG:— The executing body Social and Health Insurance USZV is an INDEPENDENT administrative body that has an implementing structure with a corporate personality and is independent in what concerns its internal organization , the management of its resources and representation of its interest.

Among its many tasks, it’s mainly responsible for the execution of the social and health insurances of country St. Maarten, and to accomplish this mission the organization is under the leadership of a Director , deputy Director , assisted by a management Team and supervised by a supervisory Board.

The director is charged with the management of the financial resources of the organization and is competent to act in these matters by law. He is also accountable by law to the Minister of Public Health and Social Affairs.

The supervisory board supervises the general course of events of the organization, monitors the funds, properties and other resources entrusted to the organization.

By law, AB. 2013 GT69 (National Ordinance regulating USZV), the director adopts director and management rules after hearing the supervisory board. Those regulations are complementary to the USZV ordinance and should be published on USZV website ( SZV.org ).

The rules governing the director clearly state that the implementing body will be managed by a director under the supervision of a supervisory board and to allow the supervisory board to carry out its task as stated in Article 7, Paragraph 3 of the Rules regulating the functioning of the Director , the Director shall timely notify the supervisory board of such information on facts and circumstances regarding the implementing body of the organization which the board may need as required by law to properly carry out its task.

“I joined the supervisory board in 2011 and became chairman in December 2014. As of August
15, 2016, my resignation as chairman of the board became effective. I resigned because I could no longer dedicate the time that would have been needed to accomplish my stipulated tasks
due to the overreaching and undue influence of the Minister of Public Health and Social Affairs on the supervisory board ,and on the implementing body of the organization and the time required to reign in the management to follow proper procedures as is stipulated by law would be too time consuming.”

Under those circumstances, it was not possible for me to function effectively in accordance with the law as such I made the hard and regrettable decision to resign from this vital organization that has tremendous health, social and financial responsibility.

Based on the country’s Civil Code, supervisory directors can be held personally liable for mismanagement of funds. I was made aware by the press of inappropriate actions of the implementing Body of the organization. Due to this legal reason, I will file a formal complaint with the Office of the Public Prosecutor / National Detectives to protect myself from future claims because these actions were done under my watch and also to protect my integrity and respected personal image.

The PEOPLE of St Maarten who worked hard their entire life to have something to look forward to when they reach pension age deserve to have their Pension Fund money be used following proper procedures and in a very PRUDENT manner knowing that no National decree based on the LAOV ( old -age pension Law ) with regard to investment of the financial means of the AOV funds was never issued.

Dr. Michel Petit

Former Chairman of the supervisory Board of Directors of

Minister Lee Responds to Dr. Petit

I am very surprised by the press release of the former chairman of the supervisory Board SZV, Dr. Michel Petit. I find it strange that during my time in office, Dr. Petit has not written one letter to me indicating that he was of the opinion that I was exerting undue and over-reaching influence on the board and chooses to do so with no prior discussion via the media. Last week, during the farewell party for Dr. Petit at SZV he mentioned to everyone that he was leaving to pursue his true passion, medicine, and to be able to devote more time to his practice in Anguilla. He never made any comment or gave any indication similar to the sentiment reflected in his press release. The lack of prior discussion and timing of his release gives his actions a suspiciously political flavor.

Therefore, I invite Dr. Petit to provide evidence that I have in any way exerted inappropriate influence over the supervisory board and implementing body, an allegation that I take extremely seriously. Exerting undue influence is contrary to all the principles of good governance to which I subscribe. A number of letters have been sent to Dr. Petit identifying where the Supervisory board, in my opinion, has been deficient in their tasks and responsibilities, however, those letters requesting that the Board of SZV improves their compliance as required by law could hardly constitute undue influence.

I will be reviewing Dr. Petit’s comments and or accusations in more detail over the next days with legal advisors and will respond accordingly.


Source: St. Martin News Network
Dr. Petit addresses resignation as Chairman of the Supervisory Board USZV —- plans to file complaint with Prosecutor’s Office and National Detectives— Minister Reacts (UPDATED)