Drinking Age Limit Signage Placed in Carnival Village Booths by St. Maarten Lions Club.

lionsposter28042016PHILIPSBURG:— It takes a village to raise a child – And the St. Maarten Lions Club took this phrase literally in its efforts to continue to create awareness on the potential abuse of alcohol by minors.

Each booth vendor in the Carnival Village received a sign with the heading: “Too Young or Too Drunk No Alcohol”. The 85 signs remind the booth visitors the need to present a form of identification when purchasing liquor, including driver’s license or ID card, in the event that the bartender needs to be more certain of their age.

Article 3:53 of the new penal code is also written on the signage as an affirmation: “The seller of alcoholic beverages or his replacement is punishable for serving or selling a minor (a person under the age of 18), alcoholic drinks. The offender may face a prison sentence of 6 months or a fine of Naf 10,000

lionsteam28042016St. Maarten Lions Club President Eldert Louisa stated; “The signs were produced in collaboration with Trakx Design who had the challenging task of creating an attractive sign, while at the same time sending the right message, based on an existing law. The St. Maarten Lions Club remain committed to the cause of reducing the abuse of substances by minors and wishes to thank Trakx Design, the carnival booth holders, SOG and the SCDF for supporting our efforts.”

For more information about assisting the St. Maarten Lions Club with this or other community projects, kindly check their Facebok page or email the club on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Source: St. Martin News Network
Drinking Age Limit Signage Placed in Carnival Village Booths by St. Maarten Lions Club.