Dutch & French side Hospital cooperation steadily increasing.


PHILIPSBURG:— The recent fire at the French side hospital which caused four wards to be evacuated , is a validation that the French and Dutch side hospitals need to work together, and increase their level of cooperation in healthcare.
Minister of Public health, Social Development & Labor Emil Lee stated: “The recent fire at the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital in Marigot has made a number of beds unavailable. The two hospitals and Ministry of VSA met to see how SMMC can assist with patients that may be displaced due to decreased bed capacity due to the fire. The Dutch side and French side continue to explore ways to increase their level of cooperation, and expand the population base of the two hospitals by offering complementary non-competing services to improve quality and affordability. The recent fire highlights one of the important reasons for structured cooperation; redundancy and back up emergency services” .
Important discussions about increasing cooperation also took place during a recent tour of the French side hospital, along with the head of the department of Public Health Drs. Fenna Arnell. Some points that were discussed were the steps that need to be taken in order to increase the level of cooperation, the sharing of equipment and human resources, pilot projects on the collaboration of rental operation theatre, registration of medical specialists on French St.Maarten, and common training. Also discussed were some areas to be looked into for future cooperation regarding the on call orthopedic service, decentralization of the emergency dispatch center (SAMU), and funding for investing in specialized clinics complementary to both sides of the island.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Dutch & French side Hospital cooperation steadily increasing.