Eco-friendly Hospital Health City Cayman Islands Releases 2015 Conservation Statistics.

CAYMAN ISLANDS:— Health City Cayman Islands this week released its annual conservation statistics detailing the tertiary care hospital’s water, energy, waste-reduction and landfill diversion efficiencies.

Mr. Gene Thompson, Project Director at Health City Cayman Islands, said the eco-friendly JCI accredited hospital had been committed to a conservation-minded business since its inception, from construction through to operations.
“We seek to be an industry leader in environmental sustainability,” he said. “Not only do the staff and developers of Health City understand the positive environmental impact of running an eco-friendly hospital, but the cost-efficiencies and hospital economics directly benefits the patients and community.”

“Our environmental sustainability commitments are focused on where we can make the most difference – water stewardship, energy and waste management. Being more energy efficient and sustainable isn’t just good for the planet – it drives commercial benefit which can be passed on to our patients and ensures our continued success.”

The 2015 environmental sustainability initiatives at the international hospital included water harvesting, conservation and reuse re-use for non-potable and irrigation purposes. The conservation statistics report showed that 3.6 million gallons of water had been saved and 2.7 million gallons of sewage effluent was diverted from ground disposal. A waste reduction and landfill diversion initiative, which included recycling and onsite medical waste treatment, was also introduced, yielding a result of 60% of total waste being diverted from landfills.

In terms of electricity conservation, the Caribbean hospital’s infrastructure includes a building management monitoring system, as well as an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system diversification. The report showed that energy savings for 2015 were over 2 million Kwh saved, just under 145,000 gallons of diesel saved and 3.5 million pounds of carbon saved.

“We’ve made strong progress in reducing our overall environmental impact,” Mr. Thompson said. “We have more exciting and innovative initiatives planned for this year with a 1.2 MW solar/HVAC system, as well as continuing recycling training and HVAC modifications. With these new projects Health City expects to further reduce its utility usage and divert more waste from the landfill, lowering hospital running costs and further positively impacting the environment and the Cayman Islands community.”

“A focus on the environment is part of Health City Cayman Islands’ culture and affects the decisions we make every day. Continuous improvement is also a part of our business culture and we are committed to embedding environmental sustainability principles within all management systems, policy and practices to ensure we improve in 2016 and long into the future.”

Source: St. Martin News Network Eco-friendly Hospital Health City Cayman Islands Releases 2015 Conservation Statistics.