Etienne Toochi Meyers and Dulcia Florentina to spend the next 60 days in pretrial detention — Luealla Rog released — Protestors voices were not heard.

PHILIPSBURG:— Well-known businessman and former police officer Etienne Toochi Meyers and his by a side who is also the manager of El Captain entertainment club will remain in pretrial detention for the next the 60 days, the judge of instruction released the third suspect Luealla Rog who must remain available to the investigators.
Meyers and the other suspects were arrested on November 1st when a team of detectives conducted a house search at Meyers home and at the two entertainment clubs, namely El Captain and Le Petit Chateau.
On Monday when Meyers appeared at the Court of First Instance a group of people gathered at the Court House alley carrying placards and wearing tee-shirts, some screaming out loud “free Toochie”, but despite their plea on Monday the judge of instruction in her decision on Tuesday decided to grant the prosecutor their request for another 60-days extension in pretrial detention.
It must be noted that ever since Etienne Toochi Meyers was arrested his wife former Member of Parliament Silvia Meyers made several requests at the prosecutor’s office to grant her the opportunity to visit her husband but so far her request has been denied. SMN News learned that the Pompei investigation started way back in 2013 where persons that worked at the clubs filed complaints against the establishments and the recruitment agency in the Dominican Republic. Sources close to the investigation said the Pompei investigation is an international investigation since the complaints were filed in the Dominican Republic.
V The suspects E.R.M. (65) and D.F. (54) will remain in pre-trial detention for another 60 days. This is what the Judge of Instruction decided on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, after the closed-door session that had taken place on Monday, November 21, 2016. M. and F. were arrested on November 1, 2016, during searches held at the brothels El Capitan and Petit Chateau and M’s house in the investigation code-named Pompei. SMN News also learned via well-placed sources that the investigators have pulled up the murder investigation of David Eustace Priest who was shot to death in 2009. SMN News learned that even though Meyers was questioned after the gruesome murder of David Eustace Priest.

Two of Pompei suspects to remain in custody.

E.R.M. and D.F. are suspected of human trafficking (exploitation of girls working at brothels – “animeermeisjes”), illegal confinement (locking up the girls), illegal employment and human smuggling. These criminal fact were committed between January 2014 and November 2016
The pre-trial detention of a third suspect in the same investigation, L.M.A.R. (50) has been suspended by the Judge of Instruction. However she must remain available at all times for the ongoing investigation, is not allowed to have contact with the other suspects, is not allowed to leave the island and must refrain from having contact with employees of El Capitan and Petit Chateau. R. is still a suspect in the ongoing Pompei-investigation.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Etienne Toochi Meyers and Dulcia Florentina to spend the next 60 days in pretrial detention — Luealla Rog released — Protestors voices were not heard.