EXCLUSIVE: 400 kilos of Cocaine confiscated by Coastguard. (UPDATED)

Prosecutor’s Office tightlipped.

PHILIPSBURG: — The Coastguard confiscated 400 kilos of cocaine on Thursday that was brought in on a boat at the St. Maarten Harbor. At least 3 persons were detained while the Prosecutor’s office and the Coastguard remained tightlipped on the haul.
SMN News learned that the 400 kilos of cocaine which was kept at the harbor disappeared while law enforcement officers remained tightlipped. Sources say a number of persons including security guards are being questioned about the missing cocaine. A source said persons at the harbor even threatened a security guard who was in the immediate vicinity where the illegal drug was stored.

In July a large amount of cocaine was found at the Marine baracks in Doorn, The Netherlands it is reported that the illegal substance probably came from St. Maarten and was found among the belongings of marines that were on St. Maarten post Irma. It was also reported the stacks of drugs had a code name “Caribbean Island.”
While law enforcement especially the Coastguards under the guise of the Prosecutor’s Office would always confiscate illegal drugs and while the media are told that confiscated drugs are being destroyed there is no actual proof of the destruction. Many have said that law enforcement would burn empty bags on the dump instead of the actual drugs and then report that the seized drugs were confiscated. It is time for the Prosecutor’s Office as well as investigators that investigate these cases begin to act transparently if they have any type of integrity.
Spokespersons for the Prosecutor’s Office said they are not aware of the case or any ongoing investigation that involves a large amount of cocaine. it is expected that the Prosecutor’s Office will make a statement sometime on Thursday about the cocaine that was seized last week.

Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/29862-exclusive-400-kilos-of-cocaine-confiscated-by-coastguard.html