EXCLUSIVE:— Curacao Inspectorate intends to stop Patrick Fa Si Oen from practicing as a surgeon in Curacao. — Reliable Sources.

Willemstad/ PHILIPSBURG:— The Inspectorate in Curacao intends to inform Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen that he can no longer practice as a surgeon in Curacao until he is registered as surgeon.  Information received from well-placed sources said that Fa Si Oen will get the official letter on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, the management of SEHOS intends to meet with their Supervisory Board. It is expected that the Inspectorate will deliver its decision before SEHOS makes their decision known to the general public.
The managing board of SEHOS already took a unilateral decision to terminate Fa Si Oen working agreement with SEHOS since he was not able to produce a registration from Belgium. One of the things SEHOS had to take into consideration is the advice they obtained from Medirisk — their insurance company. The unions and surgical board of SEHOS will also be meeting at 6 pm on Tuesday where all  other specialists others will be informed of the decisions taken against Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen. It is expected that FA Si Oen will not only continue to broadcast what he believes is right in the Curacao media but he will also head to court to fight an un-winnable battle.
Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen will be allowed to practice as a General Practitioner (GP) since he is registered in the Netherlands as a GP.
It should be noted that Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen has been practicing as a surgeon at SEHOS for the past 14 years and his registration issues only came to light when he himself tried to register in 2014 but was denied. Just recently Fa Si Oen and SEHOS were informed that Fa Si Oen could not practice as a surgeon. The moment that was communicated to SEHOS they immediately sent Fa Si Oen on a two-week mandatory vacation. To date, Fa Si Oen is not working at SEHOS. Several phone calls to the office of the Inspectorate went unanswered on Tuesday as SMN News tried to obtain an official comment on the outcome of the Fa Si Oen investigation. As soon as SMN News receives a confirmation and more information on the case this article will be updated.

It will be interesting to see if the Board of Directors of SMMC or it general director Kees Klarenbeek would put the safety of patients first and conduct an investigation as well as taking the same measures as SEHOS and the Inspectorate in Curacao. Presently, SMMC has started a war with the Inspector General in St. Maarten after it came to light that SMMC has failed to report calamities and they have in function a number of unregistered specialists working at SMMC. SMN News will also monitor what the Minister Health Emil Lee would do other than focusing on constructing a New Hospital. 

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE:— Curacao Inspectorate intends to stop Patrick Fa Si Oen from practicing as a surgeon in Curacao. — Reliable Sources.