EXCLUSIVE: Curacao Inspectorate issues stop order to Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen.

fasioen08022017Fa Si Oen cannot practice as a surgeon unless he can provide a valid registration from Belgium or positive evaluation from the competent authorities in the Netherlands.

WILLEMSTAD/PHILIPSBURG:— The Inspectorate and St. Elizabeth Hospital (SEHOS) in Curacao did what is necessary as laid down in the law to guarantee the quality of care and patient safety to those who receive treatment at SEHOS by issuing an instruction to Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017.
The stop order clearly states that Fa Si Oen is not authorized to practice as a surgeon on Curacao. The instruction is effective immediately. Besides the instruction given by the Inspectorate, the Board of Directors of the (SEHOS) also informed Fa Si Oen on February 3rd, 2017 that he is not allowed to practice within the SEHOS unless he could provide a valid registration as a surgeon. SEHOS also indicated that their liability insurance from Medirisk does not accept liabilities for an unregistered surgeon.
According to information, SMN News received Fa Si Oen could not provide the Inspectorate and SEHOS with the required documents to prove that he received the necessary training in Belgium to practice as a surgeon even though he was trained in that country. Fa Si Oen’s efforts to get registered in Belgium and the Netherlands were both denied.
While Fa Si Oen performs oncological surgery while practicing at SEHOS he continues to mislead the “deadbeat” media outlets in Curacao and the people of Curacao about his medical education.
SMN News has learned that the Minister of Health has taken the decision to have all doctors working in Curacao be re-screened in order to prevent what transpired in the Fa Si Oen case since the Ministry of Health in Curacao had registered Fa Si Oen as a surgeon without conducting proper screening.

The Minister of Health will be making a statement to the people of Curacao and the surrounding islands within the coming days.
This is a case the Minister of Health of St. Maarten should monitor closely since the Inspectorate on St. Maarten have to constantly defend their decisions in court when they take the necessary measures to ensure that the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) adheres to the law and provide adequate and safe healthcare to its patients.
Right now the Inspectorate has a number of court cases that SMMC initiated. At the moment SMMC has refused to even cooperate and work with the Inspectorate to improve healthcare on St. Maarten. Instead they are focusing on protecting quacks that are working at SMMC most of which are not registered in the Kingdom but managed to get registered on St. Maarten.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: Curacao Inspectorate issues stop order to Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen.